Welcome to AskMara Aroma Products and Natural Skin Care Products where you can purchase essential oils, learn about aromatherapy and enjoy our aromatherapy products and the natural beauty and skin care products we have created. The AskMara Aroma and Skincare Products are created by Mara, a Certified Aromatherapist,  and are handmade in the USA (Decatur, Indiana which is just south of Fort Wayne, Indiana). Aromatherapy began thousands of years ago and using botanicals and essential oils to create natural skin products is nothing new. From the beginning throughout history there is mention of essential oils being used as perfumes, lotions and to create healing bath salts. Many of us are conscious of what we are eating and of our overall wellness, so it is not surprising that natural skin care products are currently in high demand. So many of us are aware of the toxins in body lotions and facial skin care products and have been searching for more natural alternatives without formaldehyde, parabens, heavy preservatives, and sulfates.

irisflowerYou can say that my passion for aromatherapy began in 2010 when I took my first aromatherapy class and made my first purchase of essential oils. Shortly after that, I began having problems with my eye makeup remover because it was making my eyes burn. I began research on natural skin products and decided to make my own eye make up remover using quality natural ingredients without any heavy duty chemicals. I loved it and so did many of my friends who I shared it with! I began making herbal salves with my first recipe “101 Use All Purpose Herbal Salve” offering an all purpose skin care salve to assist with many concerns. Currently I offer several different types of herbal salves.

I then expanded and began exploring natural skin products when one of my first customers with very bad acne asked me to make her some natural facial care products. I created a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a toner. She really enjoyed them and found them very helpful and my facial skin care line grew from there. Shortly after that I began creating natural body lotions, some with beeswax, some with emulsifying wax and we now have a full line of aromatherapy products where you can purchase essential oils, herbal salves, natural body lotions, hand creams, and natural skin products.

My own journey toward wellness began in 1994 when I had an injury that resulted in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Managing the chronic pain and the many other symptoms related to my RSD required me to change my habits and open up my mind to new ideas including alternative therapies. In order to achieve my current level of wellness, I have made many lifestyle changes and have tried many products, and have taken many vitamins and herbal supplements. Currently managing my RSD includes using the SoQi Products, taking quality supplements from Nature’s Sunshine Products, and using many of my own aromatherapy products and natural skin care products. It was during my own recovery process that I decided to continue my education in natural therapies, herbs, and aromatherapy.

My goal is still the same and always will be “Helping others create healthy habits!”